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Learning from Martin Maybruck was the game changer for me. It has made all the difference in the world for myself and my business. You just don’t get many opportunities to learn from someone who is so knowledgeable & willing to share it all. The best thing I’ve ever done for myself & my business was deciding to learn from Martin Maybruck.
- Jonathan Taylor
After a couple of years of jumping around from one shiny object to the next, with some successes, though nowhere near what I know I am capable of, I was exposed to some training by Martin Maybruck. He immediately struck me as someone who knows what he is talking about, as he teaches the techniques he utilizes everyday in his own business. Since that first encounter with Martin, I have taken several additional courses of his, most recently an outstanding program on all things mobile marketing. As a result, I am now one of the few individuals certified by the mobile website software platform we use, which is also the only platform Google is currently partnering with….our mastermind group with Martin is also undertaking a joint mobile website marketing venture in a chosen niche which should be both profitable and a great learning experience….all of Martin’s courses are totally “hands-on”, and he holds us accountable for our effort and progress, which is a huge boost. What you learn with Martin you can go out and apply in your own business virtually the next day….I would 100% recommend ANY of Martin’s courses you can get yourself into…he’s the real deal!
Dean L. Pesci
Palisade, CO
The Mastermind Group that Martin Maybruck started has been extremely beneficial to me. Before the Mastermind Group, I was learning new techniques, but once I joined, my knowledge and experience level has taken a quantum leap. I’ve been able to do and test many different angles and achieve items that I thought only people with years of experience could do.If you are truly serious about jumping your game to the next level, I highly recommend getting involved with Martin’s Mastermind Group. You will truly have great input on your projects. I look at the Mastermind Group as a way for me to not only achieve feedback and suggestions, but I also think of the group as my own personal consulting team.
Brad Stoller
I have been studying with Martin Maybruck since the summer of 2011 and it has been great fun. One cool thing we have learned to do is to make mobile friendly sites that can take the content from an existing website and put it into a format that makes it completely easy to use on a mobile. Even better it tracks any changes on the original site and changes the mobile content automatically. I made 2 mobile sites for myself to get used to the system and then I confidently got my first client for the 3rd site. I made a mobile site for them in about 2 hours and charged them an annual recurring fee of £200 (UK) which is about $316. Sweet!
Rick Lomas


No fluff, no secret sauce left out with Martin Maybruck because he is working “in the trenches” with you. Experienced, professional and genuinely concerned with your business success, you have found THE GUY to follow, learn from and get to know when it comes to all things LOCAL, MOBILE and SOCIAL Marketing.

I am one of those folks that has probably purchased every course, program and even tool to learn about the online space and its opportunities. Nobody or nothing compares to Martin’s knowledge, hands-on training and value-packed programs. Martin just keeps delivering to his students every day, every week and well beyond any curriculum he offers!

Jump in wherever Martin Maybruck is swimming as the water will be warm, exciting and definitely beneficial to you mind, spirit and business!

The Local + Mobile + Social Membership Community is just that and a lot more–

Nanette Circo


I don’t know enough words to express how great being a part of Martin’s training has been for me and how much I truly appreciate not only the difference that its made for my business but just in my life. Being a part of Martin’s Local Mobile Social group has given me the focus that I desperately needed. I’ve learned so much that I often wonder what I would have done or would be doing if I didn’t get the chance to participate in such an outstanding group. Scary thought but I’m here now so I’m good.

He is without a doubt THE MOST GENUINE marketer around. For me, there is no one else to learn from. I’m rolling with Martin Maybruck!

Jonathan Taylor


Hi Martin, just wanted to thank you! … I first attended some webinars that you led in 2009 about Local Internet Marketing and at that time I was working in a restaurant. I earned £350 per week – my day rate is now £450 running my own Local Internet Marketing business. I really appreciate the support that you give to all the members of your courses and I still refer back to some of the training courses you ran back then.

I also find that some of the nuggets of information that you post in the private Facebook members group I am able to implement for my clients immediately!

Thanks for all your help.



There are many poor quaity and expensive training / support programmes on the web. This is NOT one of them. This is one of the few genuine programmes run with full integrity that actually benefit the customer and over deliver knowledge and help. I’ve been a member for several months and am still amazed at how much Martin does for so little. Many people talk of going the ‘extra mile’, this programme goes much further than that. You have to be in it to truly understand how good this is.

Chris Morton


Mobile Marketing Training

Investing In Martin’s Mobile Course Is a NO Brainer!

Martin’s latest Mobile marketing program has turned out to be a game changer for me. Building and selling mobile sites is fast, easy and profitable. I’m not only building and selling mobile sites for $250 to $1,000 a crack BUT I am getting $25 – $50 a month for the hosting and maintenance of every mobile site I build and sell too. The ongoing cash flow rocks!

If you invest in this program, apply the simple steps Martin teaches and use the tools and systems shared in his program I’m confident you too can start making money right away. The market opportunity is crazy BIG.

Oh I almost forgot. Investing in Martin’s program got me hired by Google to build mobile sites as part of Google’s GOMO Mobile website initiative – a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Thanks Martin Christmas will be Merry!

Mark from Canada


Martin’s Mobile Marketing Training Class has provided us with one of the most comprehensive and hands-on educational training that we have taken part in when it comes to mobile.

With the real world training and continuous education that we have received from Martin, it has made us focus on what really matters in mobile marketing. The knowledge from this course has aloud us to be in talks with a major national retailer, to help educate some of their franchise retailers on how to begin using mobile in, in-store sales and consumer acquisition.”

Eric Carder President & CEO of TapForMyApp.com


Martin your mobile marketing training is the first internet training that has actually made a difference in my life. I have been taught a valuable skill creating a product that all local businesses need. I can realistically make a living by creating mobile optimized web sites, full time or part time. This is real, this is actionable, this is fun! Even better, it becomes the foundation for a local marketing company that has a powerful advantage over marketing competitors. I can’t thank you enough! Your training is terrific!

With Gratitude,
Adriaen Ito


I couldn`t believe it! Only Two weeks after taking Martin Maybruck’s mobile website design course, I found myself being invited by Google to the GoMo event in Mobile Alabama, where I took part in building over 400 mobile friendly websites for business owners during the two day event.
Immediately after returning home I made the front page of my local newspaper where I made my first sale for $376.00 “It took less than one hour to do the work”.
Martin’s mobile website design course is a must have for any marketeer who wants to stay on top of whats happening in todays business world.

Randy Sewell


I have been an affiliate for some time and was noticing it was getting harder and harder to compete. I wasn’t neccessarily looking but I got an email from Martin about his mobile course and because I knew mobile will be the next BIG thing I decided to try out his course. When I came onboard I was glad to see it was a clear cut course to quickly get up and going without alot of clutter. Martin held weekly webinars also which was fantastic, he cleared up questions without waiting for email responses.

I wasn’t all that impressed using WordPress mobile plugins and thought it too mundane even though it was easy I complicated it. But Martin soon found a software partner and started showing us how to build mobile sites much easier and quicker. This new platform allowed me to create a demo site, walk into a business and possibly walk out with a cheque. Martin taught me exactly how to build a mobile site
and take it to market. Giving me several good ideas, QR codes etc.

Google recently established a nationwide Mobile website initiative called GOMO, starting with the city of Mobile Alabama. The mobile software partner reached out to Martin to request his help with GOMO. Martin invited me to work at Google’s GOMO event so I jumped on the opportunity and since I had just gotten certified by Martin it was only a few days later I was on a plane heading to Mobilize Alabama. Wow 2 days of mobilizing over 400 businesses was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to meet Martin and other members of his mobile course.

Opportunities come by everyday, the question is are you aware of them, are you jumping on them? Martin’s mobile course opened doors I just would not have known of. Get Martin’s mobile course you wont be disappointed.

Ben Mba


Facebook Marketing Training


I just wanted to say a big Thank You to Martin Maybruck for your awesome Facebook marketing training! You Rock!!

Before Martin’s training I tried FB ads on my own with little success and lots of wasted money. Martin’s training simplified the process for me and my results were phenomenal!

I not only learned how to use Facebook’s ad campaigns I also learned some priceless internet marketing skills for my overall business. During the course I ran a very successful ad campaign with ads for as low as 0.12 per click, I went from 0 to 800 fans in 8 days, I made $100.00 on the second day of the campaign from an affiliate offer, many new email subscribers, and we are still growing quickly everyday! I also created a whole new community within my niche for me to be the go to expert with Martin’s direction!

Thanks so much for your training and advice Martin ~ the information I learned from your mastermind has been a huge asset to my company and skills I can use to continue to grow my business everyday! I can’t wait to learn more from you!

Thanks Again!
Kate Wilber


Martin is very knowledgeable and a tremendous resource in the fast changing social marketing world. Consistently keeps us informed of new developments and presents innovative ideas to help grow our business. I would highly recommend his services.

Marc & Amy Cesaratto

Although there are many Facebook courses out there most are superficial and lack an overall picture. I was lucky enough to hear Martin speak about Facebook at a private Workshop and in just a few hours he covered more useful and relevant aspects of Facebook marketing than all the courses on the market combined.

These teachings are just as in depth and cutting edge as in his local marketing course, with real case studies and practical information that can be implemented right away.

Thank you! You truly rocked the presentation, I hope to see the full Facebook course very soon.

Shira Gal

My name is Mitch Carson and I have been a speaker in the seminar space for 16 years.

It is seldom that I am “wowed” by anyone’s presentation or content. Frankly, I am usually bored and take a mental nap. It would be too embarrassing to really snooze.

Well, at Howie’s workshop Martin gave a simple, but content-riveting presentation on how to use and monetize Facebook. I not only woke up, but took notes and wanted more information so I could implement this system on Facebook.
He showed the proof without the fluff of shallow claims. I want the full-blown course so I can learn from the man who makes money for his clients.

Mitch Carson

I was simply blown away by Martin’s Facebook training. I had no idea you could that stuff with Facebook!

Simply amazing!

Before seeing this presentation I was an admitted Facebook idiot. Now I feel like I could finally spend the time tackling that beast.

I’m hoping that Martin is going to release this full product soon so I can learn more cool stuff. I can’t recommend his training any higher.

Matt Trainer

  • StevenVargas

    When will you be able to notify mastermind members about the inner circle entry?  I do not want to miss Tuesday’s webinar…

    Steven Vargas