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For businesses located in the United States only

Go from search to sold

by taking control of your Local Search business listings

Every month, online consumers perform over 3 billion local searches for nearby products and services. The effectiveness of your Local Search strategy makes all the difference when it comes to widening your pool of potential customers and walking them right to your door.

We empower businesses of all sizes – from local companies to national brands –to certify, enhance and actively manage their local business listings. Our solution gives you a single source for creating a consistent identity for direct, authorized distribution to the largest and best local search platform network in the industry.

  • Take control of your local search business listings identities.
  • Walk customers right to your door with the most accurate local business listings.
  • Win customers by trusting us to consistently deliver your complete local business listings.

  • Controlling your business listings across over 100 local search platforms. We securely certify your Name, Address and Phone (NAP) and actively manage it 24/7.
  • Improving your “findability” in Local Search. We work with you to cleanse, organize and optimize your business listings for Local Search with geo-coding, address standardization and more.
  • Reaching more consumers. We get your listing to the largest network of local search platforms in the industry, so your certified business listings reach sites where over 90% of U.S. consumer local searches occur.


Get noticed on 100+ search platforms you know.

 Our network of 100+ best-in-class local search platform partners spans applications from desktop and mobile to social, industry-vertical and other specialty directories. Here are just a few of the partners in our ever-expanding network.


Get found consistently in online local search and walk customers right to your door.

  1. Set up a secure listing, certify your Name, Address and Phone (NAP) and enhance your listing.
  2. Optimize for performance. We optimize your listings specifically for Local Search so potential customers get the best possible results.
  3. Get quality assurance feedback. We give you proactive feedback on your business listings’ Local Search optimization as well as recommendations for improvement.
  4. Manage, re-verify, update. We prompt you to continuously manage, update, refine and re-verify your local business listings anytime, 24/7.
  5. Enjoy broad distribution. Our solution delivers your local business listings directly to the industry’s largest authorized network of local search platforms.
  6. Bring customers to your door due to increased visibility and online consistency.

Keep your business listings 100% accurate and 100% consistent, 100% of the time.

We help you easily take and maintain control of your Local Search business listings identities – especially your anchor Name, Address and Phone (NAP) information – whether you have one location or thousands. We can also ensure that only authorized users can access your account and make changes to your business listings.

>> Certify

Signing up, reviewing and certifying your local business listings is quick and easy. Once we set up your account, we will ensure that it is updated and monitored on a regular basis.

>> Enhance

Beyond your anchor NAP information, we enhance your listings with unique descriptive keywords, links and more, including:

  • Hours of operation
  • Languages spoken
  • Payment methods
  • Products/brands/services offered
  • Special qualifications and accreditations
  • Website, email, social-site and other links

Enhancing your business listings is vital to standing out from your competition. Our built-in best practices optimization and organization tools ensure you also stand out to local search platforms.

>> Manage

Our tool enables us to update your business listings, 24/7. If you need to make a change, add a location, refresh your keywords, hours of operation and more, we have can ensure that that information is sent out to our 100+ search partners right away keeping your listing fresh and visible across the web.

Why Localeze?

* Secure access to and control of your local business listings’ identities
* Continuous, consistent distribution to the largest network of authorized local search platforms
* Saves time and effort by not having to register in dozens of sites
* Free updates anytime
* Businesses listed with enhanced data have more ways to be found

Regular Price $297


ONLY $197

(Can be used anytime within the next 12 months)

*****Purchase as many enhanced business listing feeds as you want for only $197 now and use them within the next 12 months*****



  • Trey

    Can they be resold at any price or does it have to be $297?

    • Anonymous

      You can resell it at any price I was just stating that the retail cost for an enhanced Localeze datafeed listing is currently $297